2D/3D Floor Plans

We can also create floor plans in 2D for your property. We wanted to create affordable, high quality 2D floor plans for property developers whatever the size of their marketing budgets. We can produce your 2D floor plan from the building plan drawing or a simple sketch. We offer different styles of 2D floor plan. Our 2D plans offer a cost effective alternative to 3D floor plans.

2D floorplans are now commonly used for all sizes of property development. For more information on our 2D floor plans or to obtain a free quote please contact us on 01872870800.

Calling all estate agents.

We at Aadunn Energy Assessors are dedicated to providing floor plans with a high level of detail. Whether you’re marketing a one bedroom flat or a multi-suite hotel, we can equip you with drawings that allow you to advertise the property effectively.

Customise Your Plan

Whether you need to conform to your corporate colouring or simply want to make your mark, let us tailor the plans to have the visual impact you require

Our Floorplan Services

Adding that little “something extra” to your styling can make all the difference. By changing your floor plans look can make any prospective buyer or tenant remember your property whilst looking at others. A splash of colour helps you to identify rooms quicker and a logo shows the agent or company the property is listed with.


Standard formatting

This is our standard format for all floor plans, check out the additional features that can be applied to make yours stand out!


Colouring your plans

Differentiate the bedrooms from the bathrooms and the kitchen from the reception rooms easily by area shading


Company Branding

Add a level of ownership by including your company logo to the plan or even as a background watermark. This also discourages other agents using your floor plan.


Wall Shading

Break from the norm and opt for wall shading, it brings another layer into the drawing which is visually pleasing.

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